1 – Look more professional, Fix your fonts. Many of the News items on the MLF website have two different sized fonts. This looks amateurish.

2 – Turn off the author tag on posts. All posts are by a Lopez. This makes the MLF look small, the owner and a relative are doing all of the reporting.

3 – Create a grid layout for the shop. One long shop page means very few views for items past the 4th or 5th. A grid layout with Item Categories will allow for much easier shopping.

4 – Stop with the HUGE logos on social media. Smaller logos are less ‘in-your-face’ and more inviting for clicks.

5 – Social reports on something other than MLF (NPFL, WPFL, whatever). Use your social media to promote your clubs activities, players and futsal itself.

6 – Recognize that the local clubs have more power than the MLF in their respective communities. Work to help them grow and make sure that your logo and information is always right next to theirs. This anchors you in the mind of the fan right next to their hometown team.

7 – Acknowledge the PFL. Ignoring them won’t make them go away so welcome them as the “new” futsal league in the U.S. Refer to MLF as the Original Professional Futsal league in North America. Start defining the PFL as you want them seen right now, in a friendly way, so the futsal fan sees them as you want them to be seen.

8 – Build up your players. By featuring players you are creating a personal connection between player and fans. It’s an emotional connection a fan has that keeps them loyal. It is easier to start building that emotional connection with a player (a person) then a team, then a league. Make sure your logo and his teams logo are present to reinforce Player-Team-League.

9 – Make it fun. Your fans are young so think like a kid when promoting games. Your core attendees are families, youth player and younger adults who play soccer, futsal or are sports fans.

10 – Promote Futsal. The only way the MLF will grow significantly in the United States is if Futsal itself grows. Promote MLF and MLF properties 40% of the time and Futsal 60% of the time. Be a champion of the sport.

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