1 – Tell us why creating new rules is beneficial to futsal and not just the pockets of owners and sponsors. By changing the rules by which you play you create a new sport. Fans see it as not being futsal.

2 – If you are going to play by rules other than FIFA Laws of the Game call your sport something other than Futsal. There are many variations of soccer in the world today: futsal, street, pana, indoor, five a side, jorkeyball, etc. Just call your game something else.

3 – Talk about what’s going on. We the fans are interested in futsal in the United States. If you are bringing big names we want to know and see.

4 – Bring your game to us. You may want to play in large metros but your fans are in small and medium sized towns everywhere. We’re not traveling hours to see your games. If you want us to be excited come to us.

5 – Help youth development. Not the pay-to-play crap but real youth development available to those who could afford to pay and those who can’t. You’re going Big Time with big money, big names, big sponsors, big everything, be big and help youth players develop.

6 – Build ties with MLS. Major League Soccer has lived long enough to build a fan base and player base. These fans and players can help support professional futsal in the United States. Cross promotions, ticket sales, and youth programs can benefit both organizations.

7 – Make it a real show. Your fans are young so think like a kid when promoting games. Your core attendees are families because of the youth player. Your secondary marked are younger adults who play soccer, futsal or are sports fans.

8 – Fill the arena. If you are playing in an 18,000 seat arena you’d better fill it. Having 2,000 paying spectators means you’re DOA.

9 – Create superheroes out of your players. Most U.S. spectators, even futsal fans, won’t know the players. To win the hearts of the fans we must connect to the players then the team. We really don’t care about your league. It’s my favorite player or my team that I’m interested in.

10 – Promote Futsal. The only way the PFL will grow significantly in the United States is if Futsal itself grows. Promote PFL and PFL properties 40% of the time and Futsal 60% of the time. Be a champion of the sport.

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