There was a time only a few years ago when I felt as though I had started to ‘make it’. After nearly two years of long hours the efforts I had invested had started to pay off. Money was no longer an issue, we were banking a good bit building up our savings, I allowed myself the time to play more with my sons, work less and enjoy the life I had created.

Looking back I totally missed the mark.

Prior to ‘making it’ my wife and I had experienced many ups and downs as many do. It wasn’t until I began to focus that I started to see progress and with it increasing joy. It wasn’t what I’d call fun starting work at two or three in the morning but that’s a very quiet and productive time and allowed me to stop at five or six…sometimes three, to do something with the kids, and still get A LOT of work done. I was tired but happy and focused.

What I did not realize was that my focus was properly aimed during that time of struggle. I was working long hours serving existing clients while growing a new business. The new business started to gain momentum just as we were ready to phase out the old and life was great. I was focused on the One thing that really mattered and that One thing drove me and success.

Within two years the situation started to change, my focus being one, and instead of recommitting myself I allowed distractions.

When we are watching a movie my wife tends to replace the lead male and female characters with her and me. I’m often getting elbowed in the arm or hugged depending on what I do in the movie. Similar projection helps me better understand better as I place myself into a scenario. During the years of growing my business I felt as though I was walking on water. I was focused. I had stepped out of the boat. Once I had accomplished that feat I began to catch sight of waves. I felt the wind. Distractions arose, a since of pride for my success being one, and focus left the One that mattered.

The sinking began.

It’s a difficult thing to call out for a lifeline, for men, at least for me. I’m getting back in the boat, but not to stay. I’m stepping out and if I begin to sink I’ll climb back in and step right back out again because every time I start to sink I refocus, I reach out and grasp the hand that always helps me back in the boat and extends yet another invitation to step back out.

The lesson is easy…Focus on what matters…Call out when you start to sink…Keep stepping out of the boat.

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