Skip the Dribbling Drills

Over the weekend a player parent overheard me advising a young player to skip practicing dribbling and work on passing and trapping. When the young player had left the parent stepped up and asked what I meant by "skip practicing dribbling". "Dribbling is such a small...

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Developing a Quick Trigger

I love talking to other coaches. Maybe more than that I love talking to players. It doesn't matter what age or level I enjoy picking their brain, making them think and just talking soccer. Recently I had a chance to chat with one or our areas dominant high school...

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Hey Coach…..Shut Up!

Spring soccer season is nearly upon us, that means new teams and new coaches. The one piece of advice I have for a new coach.....any to SHUT UP during a game. Let the kids play. If you've done a good job in practices they will know what to do. If they...

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Let Your Players Get The Practice

If you are like me you love to play. I'm a kid at heart and I like to have fun, joke around and just enjoy life. That's part of why I enjoy coaching. One of the most difficult things for me was to stand and watch and not always participate. I like running drills with...

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Your Social Sucks

Your Social Sucks, And I Mean That In The Nicest Possible Way. You think that just because you or your $12 an hour clerk posts or Facebook a pic of a sale sign or a menu or a dish your serve or smiling employees or what ever three times a week you have a social media...

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Impress Them Every Practice

It doesn't take much to impress a 9 year old. A little knowledge will take you a long way with kids. Assuming you are training using Pareto Principle, the 80/20 rule, and focusing on Trap - Pass - Move you will have established yourself as a coach who knows something...

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Coach, Give Them The Facts and Whys

Coach, you are the voice of authority. You are the fountain of knowledge. You are the presenter of facts pertaining to the play of soccer......even if you have to fake it for a while. I play odds. If you watch enough soccer, especially at the younger ages you see...

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If Display is Dead What is Alive?

Last week I wrote a piece on local ad spending. It was spurred by stats I found stating that the Williamsport ad spending is projected to top $60 million in 2017 and that more than half of that would be spent online. It further showed that 76.2% would be spent on...

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Coach, Have a Favorite Player, Part 2

As a coach you must have a favorite player. It adds credibility or it rips your cred to pieces when you are asked who your favorite player is and you admit you don't know the names of any players. In Coach, Have a Favorite Player I went over three of my all time...

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Local Ad Spending, $26 mil on Display?!

I picked up the image to the right the other day when I pondered how much is spent on advertising in Williamsport. I got sidetracked. It's been a while since I've had the numbers at my hands of ad money spent in the Williamsport area, the breakdown by media and...

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I've been using as a subscriber for 13 months (a Christmas present from Jesse :)). I tested it for two months before that. For over a year it was used in the mornings at my desk, it did help my mind focus. When I write or find that I need to pay more...

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Coach, Have a Favorite Player

Coach, who's your favorite player? Have a favorite. Have a favorite ALL-TIME player and even a favorite current player. By mentioning an old school player you build credibility. You probably only need to mention it once but if you do a little research you can add bits...

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