Coach, It’s Not The Drills

Drills are a dime a dozen. It's not the drills that make a team it's the coach, it's the connection between coach and players, coach and parents, player to player and the respect the players give to the coach. These are all social elements not 'soccer' element. It's...

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TRAP – PASS – MOVE the Book

This is the first book I’ve published under my own name. Stepping out from behind the curtain, a big step, I prefer to hang out back stage. Anyway, this one’s about soccer, coaching youth soccer specifically. It touches on the mental development of kids, what they can...

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Learning = Living

I like to learn. No, I love learning new things. That was not so when I was in school. School was boring. School made no since.  But school wasn't about learning interesting things, At least that was how I viewed it at the time. I find some of the information my sons...

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Coaches Must Research and Grow

I like to watch other teams practice. Teams of all ages. I am constantly looking for new things to teach, new ways to teach. Mostly I shake my head in dismay. I don’t think that’s arrogance, I hope not. What I see are teams that pass poorly, trap worse and players who...

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Evidence of Brilliance on the Sideline

I’ve decided that I’m a pretty good soccer coach. Maybe even a very good coach. I don’t say that with great confidence but my confidence is growing. Over the past couple years I have given my players the bulk of the credit for our winning. They deserve it. They and...

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10 Things Major League Futsal can do to Help Itself

1 – Look more professional, Fix your fonts. Many of the News items on the MLF website have two different sized fonts. This looks amateurish. 2 – Turn off the author tag on posts. All posts are by a Lopez. This makes the MLF look small, the owner and a relative are...

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The Usefulness of Dance in Youth Soccer Training

I had the privilege of coaching a young lady for a year who turned out to be much more than she appeared. Our first meeting was a an early spring practice. A few of our players had arrived and they with my son were shooting on goal and messing around. Out trots a slim...

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The Downward Slide of Pokemon GO

All games follow a life cycle. The rise, peak and fall differs based on popularity but all follow the standard bell curve. Pokemon GO seems to resemble Everest with it's steep assent to gaming dominance and now it's nearly  as drastic decent. There are a couple causes...

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Hallelujah Anyhow

Another one I love. The Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir is amazing. Hallelujah Anyhow I believe I'll testify God's been good to me Through every test and trial I've got the victory The enemy has tried his best To make me turn around me bring me...

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He’s A Battle Axe

I absolutely love this! You know when he loosens his tie things are gonna get real. He's A Battle Axe Chorus He's battle axe In the time of a war He's a battle axe In the time of a war He's a battle axe In the time of a war Shelter in the...

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Social Aspect of Pokémon Go

With a few days of Pokémon Go under my belt I can say that the interest is fading. Interest in my gameplay, not in the game and its effect on players and its design. First, I can only spend so much time ‘hunting’ creatures. Also I’ve found out that the balls used to...

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