At one point in my life I was a reader. I still enjoy books but do not carve out the time to sit and read a book. Even more than books I learned to enjoy magazines sometimes subscribing to a dozen or more at a time and buying single copies of others constantly. Magazines demand less commitment than books, contain articles on a variety of topics and can be finished quickly. The internet has replaced magazines for me although staring at a monitor is far less enjoyable than paper.

Here is a place where I’ll shelve some of my favorite books, mags and web sites. These are resources that I refer to over and over, ideas that have inspired, information that moved me forward in life. Some gave simple enjoyment.

Currently Reading

He’s a social media marketing guru. A swift kick in the ass for those needing motivation to work and accomplish something in life.

#askgaryvee is his youtube show in print. If you care about your business, your brand, desire to make a few bucks with a side hustle read this book and watch Gary Vaynerchuk!

It may appear to be a book about cooking but it’s not, not entirely. The 4-Hour Chef is a book about learning, learning anything quickly. Cooking is just the vehicle Tim uses to teach his learning tactics.

Whether you want to learn a new language, to read faster, to play soccer or cook, the learning process laid out in The 4-Hour Chef will speed your progress exponentially!

Up Next

Read & Recommend

Rise & Grind!

Long before Shark Tank Daymond John was grinding away from gangs, drugs and jail, thanks to a mother who instilled character and values in him, to a man of influence. I find his story for selling t-shirts out of the back of his car more interesting than his being a shark. His recounting of buying a van instead of a cool ride so he could make money is an inspiration. The Power of Broke is a book for your kids to read.

Trap - Pass - Move

Pass – Trap – Move is a youth soccer coaching system developed over ten years of coaching and researching youth soccer and futsal. It’s not rocket science just just common sense, focus on teaching the core soccer skills that make up most of a soccer game.

Oh yeah, full disclosed…’s my book.

James Altucher has a unique approach to business, entrepreneurship and life. He’s made millions, lost millions, made millions, lost millions, contemplated suicide, and is very open about his faults & failures and how exposing it all has made him a better, happier person and more money than he ever had.

Choose Yourself is refreshing and helpful for those looking to start ‘doing their own thing’ or just being better at working on someone else’s.

The $100 Startup is a 4-Hour Workweekesk book and another reminder that your life is in your control and living with what is offered is only one choice you have.

Starting a part time job or side business to build bank has never been easier. And the cost of living in exotic places is probably half or less than where you live now. Do the math, take up the challenge and live the life you want.

While there’s some rehashing of Choose Yourself here there’s enough new info to make offer it up here. Altucher’s background in hedge fund management, his rise and fall and rise and fall make his views on how to reach ‘wealth’ valid. And, he comes at business and life with a different perspective than most.

Must Read Classics

Think and Grow RIch

Organized through 25 years of research, in collaboration with more than 500 distinguished men of great wealth, who proved by their own achievements that this philosophy is practical.


Think and Grow Rich is a must read…period!


The Book of Five Rings was going here but then I thought, “Why not include a boot that is a compilation of books I recommend?.” Here it is, Honor: Samurai Philosophy of Life – The Essential Samurai Collection – The Book of Five Rings, Hagakure: The Way of the Samurai, Bushido: The Soul of Japan.

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