Coach, who’s your favorite player?

Have a favorite. Have a favorite ALL-TIME player and even a favorite current player. By mentioning an old school player you build credibility. You probably only need to mention it once but if you do a little research you can add bits of info from time to time.

Not sure who an old school player would be? Use mine.

Der Keiser, Franz Beckenbauer is my all time favorite soccer player. He was a dominate figure on defense, although he started out in mid-field. He is credited with originating the modern Sweeper position, a free moving player often positioned on the back line who attacks at will.

I love attacking defenders!

Beckenbauer was tough, he played in a 1970 World Cup semi-final with an arm in a sling because of a broken collar bone.That’s tough!

Pelé, the greatest ever.

When watching film of Pelé I’m always amazed at his balance. Sure he had power (that means he had technique) but his balance as he danced through defenders being knocked and kicked drops my jaw.

Johan Cruyff was an elegant, speedy player with a nose for the goal. Power, grace and determination made him a dominate player and a world class coach. He developed what is now known as the Cruyff Turn, an easy move you can introduce starting at age 8 or so.

These are just three of the greats from soccer history, they’re some of my favorites. Their names are linked to their Wikipedia pages so you can read up on them. Grab a few facts to sprinkle into practice chatter.

Your main goal is to appear to have soccer knowledge and to do so as quickly as possible. You will continue to gain more knowledge as you research (do your homework) the game.

Next I’ll go over a few modern players that will be more relevant for your young team. ‘Till then research, focus on the core skills that will get your players playing at a high level quickly and Have Fun!

If you are new to coaching Trap – Pass – Move was written for you. It contains information that you will find helpful including mental development of youth players, drills, systems and the whys behind them. It’s short with little fluff, just down to earth soccer coaching information that helped make our teams very good.

Franz Beckenbauer, Der Kaiser, my favorite all time soccer player.
Franz Beckenbauer, Der Kaiser, my favorite all time soccer player plays in a sling with a broken collar bone in the 1970 World cup semi-final.
Pele, the greatest.
Johan Cruyff, the originator of the Cruyff Turn.
Trap - Pass - Move, Coach Dad's guide to better soccer
Rocky at the Candle Cafe

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