Last week I wrote a piece on local ad spending. It was spurred by stats I found stating that the Williamsport ad spending is projected to top $60 million in 2017 and that more than half of that would be spent online. It further showed that 76.2% would be spent on Display ads.

I can understand the backward nature of small market traditional media, I lived it for years, but it’s hard to fathom the backward nature of online advertising ANYWHERE.

The amount of information that is available is daunting. Maybe therein lies the issue….info overload.

I don’t know. Maybe it’s a time issue. After all you, as a business owner, spend your time on employees, inventory, pricing, sales, facility upgrades, industry news and innovations,….. Who has time to keep up with marketing trends and best practices?

This is part of the reason I believe we still have obnoxious radio ads, crappy print ads and generic video/cable/tv spots being approved by owners and managers who really don’t have the time to learn what is effective in various media let alone force their reps to produce something worth while. (That and the lack of training given to most media reps.)

Who is it that is placing these banner ads and where are they being displayed? $26 million on display?! I want to believe it’s untrue or out of market ads being served to local surfers.

So the question that started this particular post (rant) was if display is dead then what?

To answer this I’ll back up a but a bit. Display is not dead, it’s just not effective…not as effective as it once was, say ten years ago. How often do you actually click on a banner? You probably don’t even notice (conscientiously) banners very often.

To  really impact your sales it takes much more to engage people. It takes you exposing more about your business, more ‘touches’ more real interaction, not advertising but testimonial, sharing experiences, stories! Building connections with customers is key. It’s the Raving Fans philosophy and the only way to build Raving Fans is to give them a great product and make it easy for them to connect with you, with your business, with your product, emotionally.

Go social. If you are not sharing your business on multiple social networks multiple times per day you are missing out. You are not building your business to the fullest extent.

Display is passive. It takes active contact to drive business today.

The great news is that all media can work hand-in-hand. Knowing how can have a multiplier effect on each dollar spent.

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