Continual learning is essential, I believe, to a fulfilling life. Who would  want to at 60 have the same skills and knowledge they developed in their year 25th year? How dull. We see people who seem to fit this profile, non-learners, non explorers, every day. Or at least people who carry themselves as though they gave up and settled long ago.

Learning keeps the mind fresh, it improves memory, makes us happier, increases our sphere of contacts… keeps us ALIVE!

Children are extraordinary for stretching our mental prowess along with our patience and communication abilities. The stress management development should earn parents a Ph.D. and any corporate officer should envy the multitasking, logistical, and time management skills developed by parents. (Oorah! Mons & Dads)

Children also allow vicarious living, a personal example is how my boys wanted to learn blacksmithing and wood carving, two things that I dreamed of learning when I was younger but didn’t have enough desire. Kids have a way of forcing your to expand yourself whether you want to or not.

Knowing how far to take a new subject I’ve decided is a skill in itself. Really, how many programming languages do I think I will use? (At the moment I’m learning 6) How much time is there to learn to weld and code and carve and make knives and learn Spanish and write, work and be a husband and father? Skill Testing……that’s the key, allowing a bit of your life to be set aside to try new things, learn new things and while doing one you glance at the clock and five hours have past instead of ten minutes you may have found a keeper.

Try new things. Learn new things.

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