If you are like me you love to play. I’m a kid at heart and I like to have fun, joke around and just enjoy life. That’s part of why I enjoy coaching.

One of the most difficult things for me was to stand and watch and not always participate. I like running drills with the players. I LOVE playing when it came time to scrimmage. Sometimes I would play but one thing I made sure to do was allow the players to get the practice.

If you are on the field with your players then play, show them movement, talking, passing, how to defend but let them take the shot, let them do throw-ins, free kicks, corners, let your players practice the skills they’ll need in their games.

I see it at all age levels, in AYSO and Club, a coach running around taking shots on 12 year olds, doing throw-ins and corners. I also see the same teams lifting a foot during a throw-in during a game. I see players missing shots during games. And then I hear the coach complaining from the sideline or in the next practice about how sloppy everyone played.

Let the kids play and learn in practice. Show them how to kick, trap, move, throw the ball in, punt the ball…..then scrimmage so they can do all of those things without pressure.

Train your team. Coach your team. Play with your team. At the same time allow them to work on the skills you are teaching them.

If you are new to coaching Trap – Pass – Move was written for you. It contains information that you will find helpful including mental development of youth players, drills, systems and the whys behind them. It’s short with little fluff, just down to earth soccer coaching information that helped make our teams very good.

The Wild Bunch, u12 soccer team
Rocky at the Candle Cafe

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