I picked up the image to the right the other day when I pondered how much is spent on advertising in Williamsport. I got sidetracked.

It’s been a while since I’ve had the numbers at my hands of ad money spent in the Williamsport area, the breakdown by media and industry. $60 million+ hits me as being high but hey, let’s go with it.

It is interesting the amount of Online advertising and that this shows it as being higher than traditional; radio, print, cable, outdoor….

This has me questioning who these people are and what businesses are spending $23 mil on banner ads (76.2% of the online spending was on Display Ads).

I want to believe that the majority of this money is coming from outside the area and is simply displayed on pages showing up in our homes and offices, phones and pads.

Display had it’s day and that day has passed much like the obnoxious radio ad with the guy yelling SALE! at you.

Oh, yeah, that still happens doesn’t it.

Well, it’s gone the way of the garbage print ad that includes every freaking thing in the store with no white space to allow our mind to breath and process the contents.

Oh, you saw that last Sunday as well?

Maybe we are spending millions of local ad dollars on display. I thought this was 2017 not 2007.

Local advertising spending in Williamsport PA.
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