There’s a trend in the wind. Actually it’s been blowing for a decade or more brought on by corporate downsizing, restless employees, idealistic youth, necessity to pay the bills and a desire for freedom. Call it Lifestyle by Design or struggling to get by it’s more prevalent now than in the ’80’s or 90’s. It’s certainly more prevalent than was seen a generation ago.

I fell into Nomadic Employees.

Irish Travellers in 1954

Irish Travellers in 1954. Craft-workers who move to service customers.

Nomads are people who move following herds for hunting, seasons for gathering, traveling to customers as in nomadic craftsmen. Moving helps resources not be depleted in one area, it spreads culture and knowledge.

In 2010 I was the Advertising Director of a magazine group. In 2010 that position was eliminated. In 2010 I started my first business and got my first taste of freedom.

My first business, and second, and each since included as employees me. My wife has helped occasionally. My boys have even helped. But mostly it was me. What I owned each time was a job.

I’m good with that, owning my job.

At one point I was contemplating hiring one or two people to help in my publishing company. Then Amazon shifted policy and help was not needed. (other factors were involved but this is a major cause)

Expect the unexpected.

With a taste of freedom my desire was to continue developing businesses (jobs) for myself. Fueled by Tim Ferriss’ Four Hour Work Week and Chris Guillebeau’s The $100 Startup and others

I’m not there yet. I don’t fully get it. But I’m working at it.

My secrete is that I’m looking for a job. A real job. I don’t have my ‘next thing’ yet, yeah I can put more time into two or three of my existing endeavors but but the time/payoff does not show a substantial enough upside. They can motor along bringing in money just as they are.

Saturday morning a thought burst into my mind – I take these types of events as VERY important but that’s a story for another time – and I’m running with it.

What I really want is a Temp Position.

There are three ‘jobs’ I am applying for that I would like. One is in sports marketing, an area I am excited about. Any of these would feed my learning desire and excite my knowledge bank. Other than these, well, shackle my ankles and hand me a pick.

I love learning. I love sharing knowledge. I love coaching. One day I’ll grow up and learn to love being coached.

The prospect of working in a position or on a project with a set lifespan is invigorating. Like Johnny Appleseed traveling the countryside spreading your knowledge while learning……WOW!

I know, I’m late to this parade.

I have a friend who quit a well paying job because of the atmosphere, Life’s Too Short For This, and is doing temp work while going back to school.

This friend has a friend who is a Permanent Temp Worker. Every 3-6 months the friend is off to a new job.


Think of the contacts, the information learned, the excitement, the stories.

Not sure why it took two months for this ‘idea’ to crash into my brain but I’m glad it did.

What an adventure this life is when we pay attention to the world around us and the world inside our minds!

Wake Up.

Pay attention to the things given you each day.

Be thankful and HAVE FUN!


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