I was listening to a podcast a few weeks ago, don’t remember who it was, and one like struck me hard.

“If you are over 50 and looking for a job you are better off tarting your own business. Your chances of getting hired are very slim”

Jobs are tough to find see unless you have your eyes open.

Jobs are tough to find see unless you have your eyes (and mind) open.

Two things passed through my mind, “Yeah, right.” and “Um, I’m over 50.”

Yes, I have my own business, a couple small businesses. Actually, I own a couple jobs. I have my publishing business which continues to bring income to my family although nothing near what it did five years ago. In addition I do marketing on a contract bases and develop websites. These have allowed me to create time to coach my sons soccer & futsal teams and work with them on their businesses as needed. What a wonderful gig! Now I am no longer coaching and their own businesses need less of my help so I am free to work and travel as in my previous career.

What made the podcaster’s statement resonate was that I’ve been applying for jobs with virtually no response even though I’m more than qualified, over qualified in some cases. I could chalk it up to ‘the economy’ or my age or whatever but really I believe it’s that the right thing has not presented itself.

OK, here’s were I get a bit weird…maybe.

I like to read. I like to listen to podcasts. I like to research. I love to teach what I have learned. Somethings the lessons are constructed from fragments gathered from multiple sources. This is one of those instances.

The Great Depression was a terrible time in the history of the United States, the world as a whole. Millions lost jobs, lost homes, lost loved ones….and yet some prospered. I’m not talking about the few who had the wealth to withstand the onslaught losing five million but still having ten million afterward. I’m talking about people who had little but saw opportunity during and after the Depression. For those who could see opportunity they prospered. Those who only saw desolation faded.

This comes to mind because I’m reading Think and Grow Rich. In it Napoleon Hill speaks of the opportunity that was available as the Great Depression ended and how some, those who could see opportunity, prospered greatly.

It does not matter the circumstances around you, your perspective is what matters. We can see the water pouring into the boat and panic, jump overboard only to be greeted by a hungry shark or we can start bailing and set sail for the nearby island with beautiful beaches.

Desire – Faith – Knowledge – Imagination – Planning – Decision – Persistence

Brick Walls were are there so you can prove how badly you want something. If you can’t climb over or smash through a little ol’ brick wall then why do you think you deserve success? Find a way to accomplish your Desire. Have Faith you will succeed. Learn, Dream & Plan. Decide on your path and Persist!

Yeah, I’m in a real mental power mode right now. Has me flyin’



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