At one point in my life I was a reader. I still enjoy books but do not carve out the time to sit and read a book. There was a period inΒ  life when I might have five books going at any given time rotating to the one that was of most interest when I read.

Even more than books I learned to enjoy magazines sometimes subscribing to a dozen or more at a time and buying single copies of others constantly. Magazines demand less commitment than books, contain articles on a variety of topics and can be finished quickly.

The internet has replaced magazines for me although staring at a monitor is far less enjoyable than paper.

I’ve put up a page where I list some books I’ve enjoyed and some I would like to to read. And yes, if you click on a link and it takes you to and perhaps others it has my affiliate code associated with it. This site is not intended to be a huge revenue generator but if it at least pays for itself that would be nice. Be assured that the books I list are truly ones I have enjoyed or would like to read….I’m not going to spam this site with crap to make three cents.

As I read I will post thoughts, quotes and the like whether it’s a books, mag or web site. I have also started a Bookshelf page where I will permanently place some of my favorite reading material. Be assured these will be linked. πŸ˜‰

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