With a few days of Pokémon Go under my belt I can say that the interest is fading. Interest in my gameplay, not in the game and its effect on players and its design.

First, I can only spend so much time ‘hunting’ creatures. Also I’ve found out that the balls used to toss and capture said creatures are finite. Only by replenishing your supply can you continue to gather.

Um, not buying balls and not really interested in rushing around to Poké Stops to replenish. Plus, it seems thus far that the same creatures pop up in the same areas so to gather new and different things one must go to new and different places. That’s nice, getting people to travel around a bit but it’s a time eater.

In my previous Poké Post I mentioned the potential to “help with their personal & social skills” their being specifically my boys but the potential is there for all to become better.  Here’s what I mean; We have had more interaction with people on the street while playing Pokémon Go, It is a common bond that players can share and right now it is new so non-players are learning about it.

While walking downtown last Friday two ladies close to my age walked by talking about Pokémon Go. On pointed actoss the street to a group of five teens saying “I bet they’re playing.”

They walked past me and stopped by my son Jesse who was catching some ‘rare’ and started asking him questions. Jesse politely stopped what he was doing positioned himself so the women could see and started explaining the game. They spoke for a few minutes then went on their way.

Jesse had an opportunity to converse with adults, give an explanation, demonstration and interact. As the women walked off he looked at me with a smile and finished his game task and we walked on.

This type of meeting has happened each time we’ve walked, especially downtown. It’s a good thing.

Is it all good? No. Of course not.

Too much is bad and unfortunately there are going to be those who spend too much time and too much money on this GAME.

There are those who paly while driving, not good.

There are those who walk and don’t’ look. Really not good.

There are those who will gather and instead of having a safe fun Poké Time they will leave trash, be destructive, be offensive, and ruin things for those who just want to play and share an experience.

But that’s life. That’s true with all things.

We’re less than a month into Pokémon Go and the servers crash nearly every day. That means A LOT of people are playing. It also means a lot will stop once the novelty wears off.

For now I’ve walked an extra five miles this weekend with my sons. I’ve seen them speak with people on the street, I’ve had conversations with strangers. I haven’t found any really cool creatures but have some interesting characters.

But I’m running out of Poké Balls.

Rocky at the Candle Cafe

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