I love to garden. One plant I grow is mint. Right now I have four varieties growing in patches around the yard. It can be a challenge growing mint, some varieties are extremely invasive and will choke out anything in its path. I lost half of my strawberry patch because I did not control the mint in its vicinity.

That’s the nature of mint.

I grow mint because during the winter I enjoy teas in the afternoon, coffee in the morning, tea in the afternoon. Mint tea I find warming, it can help clear a stuffy nose and is a fresher flavor than black teas, which I also enjoy.

In the summer a sprig of mint in water is refreshing and the aroma of the mint filing the nostrils as I drink, nose positioned over & in the rim of the glass, sparks my brain. I think I’ll do a bit of research on mint as a mental stimulus….any way, I like mint.

What brings all this up is that I cut a sprig of mint five days ago, used a little and stuck the rest, a single stem with four branches, in a class with water and put it on the window sill over the kitchen sink. I just wanted to keep it fresh as I used it.

This morning while I was making coffee I looked at the mint in the glass and noticed two roots growing from a joint submerged in the water. The thought that sprung to mind was how some plants are resilient, extremely resilient in some cases, and others are not. Put a cutting of mint in a glass of water and it sprouts roots and is ready to grow. Do the same with an oak twig and it just dies.

The same is true about people isn’t it? Some people put in an adverse situation, being cut off from the mother plant and stuck in water, will fight to survive, sprout new roots and grow. Other people whither.

It’s genetics, some plants have the genetic make up to root while others don’t. It doesn’t say that one is better than the other just their survival makeup is different. Oak trees would not exist today if they did not propagate in some way, acorns (seeds). But there are far fewer oak trees than mint plants I would guess.

Some people send deep roots into their lives and flourish but if/when that strong wind comes and brakes a branch or topples the tree it struggles. Other people simply send out new roots wherever the wind blows them and continue on as normal.

So what type of plant are you? Do you root yourself deep in comfortable surroundings growing large and spreading your limbs yet struggle in the face of adversity? Or are you a mint, ready to send new roots into whatever ground you are given?

Neither is better, they are just different and it is important to recognize which you are and build on the strengths you have.

Just a thought. It’s early and I haven’t had nearly enough coffee.

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