Your Social Sucks, And I Mean That In The Nicest Possible Way.

You think that just because you or your $12 an hour clerk posts or Facebook a pic of a sale sign or a menu or a dish your serve or smiling employees or what ever three times a week you have a social media campaign.

You don’t.

It takes much more that a few pictures on FB to drive your business.

You’ve got to own your medium. Post a lot. Post 5 times, 10 times per day, 15 times or more! Let customers know what’s going on at your business.

We as humans prefer to socialize and transact with the familiar. Social allows you to connect with the public like nothing we’ve had in the past.

Are you actually interacting with people on your social platforms or do you have a one way conversation, you post a sale sign and that’s it?

What are you doing to Educate Your Customers?

Are you presenting the Personality of your business you desire?

Do your  customers feel open to Conversing with you on social or is your social just an extension of static traditional advertising methods?

What systems do you have in place to assess the feedback you receive from fans on social and implement them?

Focus groups were a method we used to gain insight into customer perception of brands and products. They were expensive and time consuming to run. Today we have social, it’s cost effective and efficient to use when done properly.

Face it, Your Social Sucks but that can change. Decide to grow your business, connect with customers and run your social programs with purpose.

Use your social platforms to engage your customers and drive sales.
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